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    Lightscape Electric creates extraordinary lighting designs and electrical services for homes and businesses.

  • Interior Lighting & Electrical

    Your home tells people a story about who you are.

  • Creative & Beautiful Lighting

    Lighting influences moods and emotions.

  • Outdoor Space & Indoor Lighting

    What moods do you want to inspire in your home or business?

Lightscape Electric <span class="spamp">Inc.</span>

Lightscape Electric Inc.

Established in Boulder, Colorado, in 1999, Lightscape Electric, Inc. provides high caliber electrical and lighting services for homeowners and commercial property owners in Boulder, Denver, and across the entire state of Colorado.
Why <span class="spamp">We're</span> Different

Why We're Different

We're different because we specialize in delivering extraordinary lighting designs ("lightscapes") for homes, businesses, and commercial properties.
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